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On this page, you will not find regular WordPress themes, we offer something else entirely. We give you complete, ready-to-go web hosting sites, a place from where you can actively sell web hosting services and earn money. Our web hosting themes are available for FREE and only require that you have a free account with ResellersPanel. Installation and setup are really simple - in no more than 4 minutes you can have a custom website with 100+ pages, different layouts and SEO-optimized content. And your website is connected with our API - all changes that you make with your reseller hosting account - price updates, new product activations, renaming products - will be reflected on your website automatically.
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Our free "CloudHost" WordPress hosting theme is now available for download. It's fully customizable ...

“CloudHost” WordPress Hosting Theme

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The Clean Style WordPress hosting theme is our latest free WordPress hosting themes. It offers ...

“Clean Style” WordPress Hosting Theme

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The New Evolution web hosting theme is the latest addition to our collection of free WordPress ...

“New Evolution” Web Hosting Theme

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The Business Satellite web hosting WordPress theme is an excellent choice for any reseller web ...

“Business Satellite” Web Hosting Theme

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The New Aurora web hosting WordPress theme is light and colorful, excellent for a simple ...

“New Aurora” Web Hosting Theme

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Our first WordPress theme - the Next Level. Fast and reliable, it's a great addition for any web ...

“Next Level” Web Hosting Theme

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