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Cloud Servers WordPress Theme Overview

Our Cloud Servers WordPress Theme is based upon great typography and vibrant design with bright colors and powerful contrasting buttons. In addition, the Futura Md font, used for all headings, gives the theme a unique look and feel. Furthermore, the different shades of grey and very light brown, used for the background of multiple elements, create a nice contrast for the orange-yellow buttons which really stand out.

The Cloud Servers WordPress Theme comes with support for more than 100 different pages from the start, with support for new pages and updated layouts released gradually. Also, each of these 100+ pages is fully SEO optimized and features unique content, that is generated when our special WordPress plugin is activated.

Above all, if you wish to change anything about the Cloud Servers WordPress Theme, you can – it’s completely customizable, with support for multiple shortcodes. Moreover, the Cloud Servers WordPress Theme is available for free together with the ResellersPanel WordPress plugin.

You can sell:


  • Available for Free
  • 100% Responsive
  • Unique Content
  • 100+ SEO Optimized Pages
  • Different Page Layouts
  • Complete API Integration


  • Free account with (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for free)
  • ResellersPanel WordPress Plugin (for connection with reseller API)

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