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Web Hosting Theme Overview

When originally planned, the New Aurora web hosting WordPress theme was intended to be used for more simple websites, with just a few pages, all with a simple layout. However, in the development process here at ResellersPanel, we liked the theme so much we decided to make it support all of the layouts that we offer, both for index and inner pages. The New Aurora web hosting theme supports 4 different color styles – green, red, blue and purple.

Just as the Next Level WordPress theme, New Aurora supports each one of the 100+ pages we have developed. Each pages comes with 100% unique, SEO-optimized content, both for the body and for the meta data. The theme supports multiple index and inner page layouts. Again like the Next Level, the New Aurora web hosting WordPress theme is really easy to set up – installation, setup and connection with our service API take no more than 5 minutes. Once you have connected your website with our system, any changes you make in your reseller hosting account with ResellersPanel will be automatically reflected on your custom site, without the need for manual updates on your end.

Excellent for selling:


  • Completely Free
  • 4 Color Options
  • 100% Unique Content
  • More Than 70 SEO Optimized Pages
  • Multiple Home Pages
  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • API Integrated Order Form


  • Free account with ResellersPanel.com (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for free)
  • ResellersPanel WordPress Plugin (required for connection with API)

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