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An overview of the Smart Hosting WordPress theme

The Smart Hosting WordPress theme offers an elegant, turquoise-beige color combo, with a little yellow sprinkled sparingly here and there, giving it an almost Hawaiian beach-like feel and making it the perfect choice if you want to infuse a feeling of peace and serenity into the subconscious mind of your site visitors.

All the 100+ web pages that are included in our WordPress plugin are fully supported by the Smart Hosting WordPress theme. Not only that, many of these pages offer multiple layout customization options. The overall design is also open to editing – you can modify pretty much every element of the website to your liking.

All Smart Hosting WordPress theme-supported pages have been optimized around a set of hand-picked keywords. The content on your store is 100% unique and has been generated for your exclusive use only. You can customize any text on any page in a way that meets your immediate marketing objectives.

Our Smart Hosting WordPress theme is available for free to all the members of Resellers Panel’s Free Reseller Program.

You can sell:


  • 100% Unique Content
  • Available for Free
  • Mobile Ready
  • Fully SEO Optimized Pages
  • Different Page Layouts
  • API Integration


  • Account with ResellersPanel (sign up for free)
  • ResellersPanel WordPress Plugin (required for connection with API)

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